The New Generation AI, Humans, Machines, Chess and the Future

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2003 Lincoln Dr W, Marlton, NJ 08053, USA
Mar 28 2019
GM Simul and Lecture


A lecture by Jon Edwards  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications is changing our world in a fundamental way.   In 2014 Google acquired DeepMind, a British AI company, strategically betting on its technology to lead the way.  Since then, DeepMind stunned the world with two mind-boggling projects, AlphaGo and AlphaZero, reaching new heights and suggesting new approaches to exiting problems. The implications for our lives are astonishing.


Jon Edwards is the Chess Tech Columnist for the American Chess Magazine.  Before retiring to pursue his chess, Jon was
Review Editor for BYTE Magazine and later the Assistant VP for Computing and Information Technology at Princeton University. He is also a world class correspondence chess player. Indeed, he just qualified for the World
Correspondence Final, the first American to do so in more than two decades.
    His talk will examine the implications of
AlphaZero for chess and our lives. 

Discussion will cover topics such as:

  •  Why do Computer Scientists use games such as Chess, Go
    and Jeopardy to push science and technology to new heights?
  • Brief Survey of the Evolution of AI and Intelligent
  • Deep Blue, StockFish, AlphaGo, AlphaZero
  • What is at stake for Science, and Business?
  • What can human learn from machines?
  • And a demonstration of a successful Human/machine
    cooperation in the game
    vs Lobanov

Jon will introduce amazing analysis methods,
risk management and decision-making used in contemporary chess.  This leading-edge method can be used as a
model efficient and effective human/machine collaboration.

Discussion will be followed by a Q & A.

Join us for this Special Night with Jon
Edwards, we are expecting a fascinating evening.


Date:  Thursday,
 March 28, 2019

Time:  7:00
– 9:00 PM

Location: South Jersey
Innovation Center, 2003 Lincoln Drive West, Suite A, Marlton, NJ  08053                                                         

Admission:  Open to all.   A $20 tax deductible donation is recommended.

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