Chess - Intermediate A

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2003 Lincoln Dr W, Marlton, NJ 08053, USA
Jan 27 2020
Mar 21 2020
Chess - Intermediate
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Class dates

01/27/2020, 02/03/2020, 02/10/2020, 02/17/2020, 02/24/2020, 03/02/2020, 03/09/2020, 03/16/2020


Ratings from 400 - 1000 

This class is a special course, a Chess Fast Track program based on the award-winning Chess Steps program and complemented by

The objective of the Class is to prepare the aspiring chess player to apply a methodical decision-making methodology and advanced practical concepts in tournament play.  

The course focuses on applying important chess and objective decision-making approach which allows the player to optimize tactical skills and strategic play. The class is 60 minutes of lessons, followed by a 30 minutes of practice time per week. The first part is a lesson on theoretical concepts as well as practical play. The second part is devoted to practice and rated games, training exercises with analysis from the master. Practice time will be for 30 minutes directly following the 60 minute class.

The cost of the class includes the following:
- US Chess Federation Annual membership ($17 value) 
- South Jersey Chess Club annual junior membership ($40 value)  
- Gold membership to ($49 value)
- Chess Step Workbooks ($8 each)

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 10

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/03/2020 and ends on 02/03/2020.


2003 Lincoln Dr W, Marlton, NJ 08053, USA